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Jan 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
customers. >>> classes are scheduled to resume tomorrow for the students of sandy hook elementary. the elementary school moved to a new building seven miles away in neighboring monroe, connecticut. parents and students had a chance to tour the building today. grief counselors will be on hand as the classes get underway tomorrow. interest in guns is soaring. it counted about 2.8 million background checks in december. the most ever. background checks don't necessarily add up to gun sales, but anyone who passes a background check can buy multiple firearms. interest in guns often spikes following mass shootings, such as that one in newtown, with people concerned about their safety or a potential gun ban. >>> now to our continuing coverage of the fiscal cliff. just about 30 minutes ago, president obama signed the tax deal hammered out in congress. on wall street, investors today reacted enthusiastically. the dow jones industrial average rose 308 points. more than 2%. that is the dow's biggest gain in a year. the nasdaq was also up 92. a 3% increase. so, one fiscal cliff crisis averted.
Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm PST
getting ready. >>> the u.s. senate approved $16 million in aid to victims of hurricane sandy. republicans said the bill included too much money for unrelated aid projects and tried to institute a measure with half the funding. the bill now moves to the house of representatives who reconvenes on sunday. there's no word if the bill will be considered before the current house session ends. >>> for the second time a man has been killed in new york after someone pushed him in front of an oncoming train. it happened late last night in a station in queens. now police are looking for a woman who witnesses say was sitting on a bench before shoving the 46-year-old man on to a track. witnesses say the two had no contract prior to the incident. >>> in singapore, an indian woman died today two days after she was gang raped and beaten in new dell delhi. the 23-year-old victim was taken to singapore for medical treatment but despite their best efforts they could not save her. >>> in the philippines the death toll rose to 11 after a typhoon that hit the area last week. the storm destroyed ri
Dec 26, 2012 10:00pm PST
little bit of a depressed mood in the country because of the sandy hook incident. two, i think there's a lot of apprehension about the future of our economy because of the fiscal cliff. and three, people are very good about waiting for those bargains. >> reporter: some are still waiting tonight. they're on the look out for the best after christmas sales. >>> those lackluster holiday sales and jitters over the fiscal cliff brought stocks down today. the dow dropped 24 points. >>> the fiscal cliff is weighing on the minds of consumers. coming up in 16 minutes, why political insiders believe washington will allow the country to go over the cliff before making a deal. >>> san francisco police are asking the public to take a closer look at three shoplifting suspects. investigators say on december 20. three women went into two stores near san francisco. the women put goods in their own bags and walked out of the stores, and apparently handed off the goods. >> we believe these women may have been involved in other burglary thefts of retail stores throughout the bay area. >> police arrested sh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3